Can You Use Peroxide in Your Mouth?


Hydrogen peroxide can be used in your mouth only after diluting it with water 50 percent. Hydrogen peroxide is a good teeth whitener and also good for treating kanker sores in the mouth. You are however only supposed to gargle instead of swallowing.
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1. Pour one cup of hydrogen peroxide into a plastic bottle using a measuring cup. 2. Pour one cup of clean drinking water into the plastic bottle using a measuring cup. 3. Cap the
40 minutes x3.
A possibility could be dysgeusia. Dysgeusya is a common pregnancy
I just use straight peroxide. If that ain't your thing I'd try 2:1 water peroxide or 3:1 but no weaker.
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Hydrogen peroxide that you buy in a store is usually 3% hydrogen peroxide and 97% water. This solution is safe to use as a rinse in your mouth to kill germs and ...
The best way to get rid of a gum boil is to visit the dentist. These will usually need to be drained and disinfected. You can use peroxide to rinse your mouth ...
You can heal a cut in your mouth by rinsing with peroxide. You'll want to make a half and half solution of peroxide and water. This will disinfect and help heal ...
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