Can You Use PVC Glue on CPVC Pipe?


First off, PVC and CPVC are two different chemical make-ups. One cement is not intended to work on the other. Worst case scenario the fitting could fail and flood.
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1. Prepare the pipe for gluing pieces together by making certain the cuts are as straight as possible. Remove all burrs from the pieces of pipe with sandpaper if necessary. Fit the
Chlorinated - PVC normally used on hot water
You might want to double check your pipe diameters. Things vary thought the country but around here pvc and cpvc are different diameters. A 1/2 inch white pvc pipe would be too large
PVC and ABS pipe are normally used for drain, waste and vent
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CPVC pipe differs from PVC pipe in that it withstands a wider degree of temperatures and contains more chlorine. PVC pipes can handle temperatures up to 140 degrees ...
To build a garment rack you first portion and cut four pieces of one-inch PVC pipe to thirty six inches long using a hacksaw. Put on PVC glue to the outside ends ...
To repair a leak in a PVC pipe, you can use glue. Gorilla glue is one option. You can also re-enforce the area with a piece of plastic glued to the inside or outside ...
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