Can You Use Shampoo for Laundry Detergent?


When you are in a pinch, you can definitely use shampoo or other types of soap for laundry detergent. It is important to not use too much or excess foam will be created. It might also not get the best at removing stains.
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Vinegar can be made from almost any fruit or substance that contains sugar. It is made through a distilling process that ferments the substance beyond the alcohol stage. The acid
For a substitute for laundry detergent use shampoo! Use cheap
Answer No, it's best to use ivory or another baby soap (preferably liquid soap) for laundry. Baby's skin is very tender and it stops rashes. Ivory or other liquid baby soaps can be
I use the liquid because I think it disolves better in water. I use All Free and Clear. I buy it at Sam's Club so it is a little cheaper by getting the largest container. I know I
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Purex is the brand name for a series of laundry detergents. There are several formulations of laundry detergents with the Purex brand. The ingredients in regular ...
The PH level of laundry detergent is between 7.5 and 10.5. This will vary depending on what kind of laundry detergent you use. ...
The ingredients in Tide laundry detergent are water, fragrances, and cleaning polymers. These chemicals do not differ from most other laundry detergents. ...
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