Can You Use Water instead of Antifreeze?


You cannot use water instead of antifreeze in your engine. The antifreeze keeps the engine block from freezing and cracking.
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If the temperature does not go below freezing then you're fine. Usually during a snowstorm, it doesn't go below freezing. However, if the water was still in your radiator and also
1. Shut off the boiler and allow the system to cool before doing any work on the hot-water furnace. Shut off any water supply pipes to the furnace. Look for a line from the household
You can use water instead of antifreeze, on emergency. You risk having your engine block crack if you run your engine with only plain water!
Water works depending on where you live. Here are the pros and cons: 1) Water freezes and can crack the block destroying the engine. 2) Water doesn't allow for your vehicle to operate
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