Can You Use Water instead of Engine Coolant?


Water can be used instead of engine coolant, but it does not possess some of the desirable qualities found in coolants. Some of these qualities include anti corrosive and antifreeze properties. Engine coolant also lubricates the water pump as it is passed to the cooling system thus reducing wear.
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Engine coolant is formulated to withstand a greater range of temperatures. Not only will it prevent freezing, but in hot weather it raises the boiling point to about 260° F, where
1. Consult your vehicle's manual to determine its coolant capacity. This is the total amount of liquid-water and antifreeze combined-that can go into the engine's cooling system.
Patrick, First and MOST importantly, if you want this car to run at all, you CANNOT drive it while the temp is high. Even turning the heat on will not help a over-heating engine
The only things that can be used in a radiator of a car
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Can You Use Water Instead of Engine Coolant?
Automotive cooling systems use liquid to transfer the heat from the engine to the radiator, where it is cooled. Though water alone can perform this task, engine coolant is also used in a number of other ways that require qualities water does not provide.... More »
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Yes you can use water instead of coolant. However, you stand the risk of your cooling system rusting and your engine overheating. ...
Water can be added to the engine coolant but just as a very temporary measure, when not cold or winterish. This is because water freezes in the coolant at very ...
Straight water should not go into an engine at all, but people can use a mixture of automotive engine coolant and water which can be poured into the car's radiator ...
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