Can You Use Your Foot in Volleyball?


The general rule when it comes to the game of volleyball is that any contact with the ball below the waist is illegal. There are alternatives to this. For instance, NCAA rules states that any ball contact is legal unless it's prolonged contact. It also depends on the referees. Some may or may not call a below the waist contact with the ball.
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When the person who is serving steps over or on the service line.
Volleyball using only one's feet, which is popular in countries like Malaysia, Thailand,
A foot fault in volleyball is when you put your foot on or over the line while serving. It is different when you are up at the net. You can step on the line you just can step completely
Foot volleyball is played on a lower net. The contacts are with the feet. I have only seen it being played on the sand, but that may or may not be true. I have only seen it being
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In volleyball, a foot fault is a situation that occurs when the server puts their foot across the back line when they are serving the ball. It also happens when ...
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