Can you wash viscose?


Viscose can be washed by hand or by using the delicate cycle on a washer. Viscose should be washed in cold water to avoid fading or shrinking.

Homeowners should use gentle detergent that is designed for delicate clothing. After washing the viscose item in cold water, users should dry the article of clothing on a rack before ironing it on the lowest setting. Viscose will not hold its shape and softness if it is dried in the drier, wrung out by hand or spun to dry. The most common mistake in caring for viscose is shrinkage.

Viscose is the most natural synthetic fiber on the market. It is made from the cellulose of plant of plant cells. The raw material is treated with chemicals in order to turn it into a silky fabric that can be made to look like silk, satin, linen, cotton or wool. Viscose is an absorbent material, but does not hold up well when wet. Because viscose is made from wood pulp, when it does get wet, it can take several hours to dry when pinned to a clothesline.

If someone is worried about ruining the viscose, then they can take the articles of clothing to a professional dry cleaner to have the pieces cleaned.

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The best way to wash a 100% viscose dress is to hand wash in cold water, reshape whilst damp, dry away from direct sunlight, cool iron on reverse.
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