Can you wash your hair before a relaxer?


To avoid irritating the scalp and hair, wash it about four days prior to using a relaxer. Shampoo often contains ingredients that strip the hair and scalp of moisture and necessary oils.

In the event that shampooing up to four days before a relaxer is not possible, apply a bit of jojoba or castor oil to hair and scalp in order to provide some moisture. In addition to shampooing in advance of getting a relaxer, use a clarifying rinse, such as apple cider vinegar, or shampoo roughly a week before a relaxing treatment. This helps to keep hair from being weighed down.

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1. Shampoo your hair with a clarifying shampoo, making sure not to scratch your scalp. A clarifying shampoo will help to strip away any product build-up, mineral deposits or anything
1. Find a shampoo and conditioner for relaxed or ethnic hair. Some shampoos like Suave or VO5 or Garnier Fructis aren't exactly designed for our hair or don't have enough moisturizing
i would say about a week i used just for me its a hair relaxer kit but if you wash the day after im pretty sure your hair will be not soo good . good luck.
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