Can You Wear a Wool Coat in Rain?


You can wear a wool coat in the rain. For the most part rain will run right off of it if you are out for only a short time. If you plan on prolonging your time in the rain I advise you not to wear wool. As Wool will eventually soak up the water.
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Your answer really depends upon you. When you feel cold, wear a coat. If you are not cold, perhaps carry one with you should the weather suddenly turn colder. If you are like me (
haha simple because wool is like the best fabric to use to keep warm, that's 1 of the reasons why wool is so high,because its such a good product.
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It's Paddington Bear,a fictional character in children's literature. The television series was on BBC. report this answer. Updated on Saturday, February 04 2012 at 08:52PM GMT. Source
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