Can Your Feet Shrink?


Weight loss may result to the fat on your feet to reduce, but the bone makeup of your feet would just remain the same. Pregnancy, obesity, and some medications can cause your feet to get larger.
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I dont believe your feet actually shrink but my shoes range from a 5 in shoes to a 7.5 in heels and i always use to wear a 8. I hated wearin shoes so i think that if you wear shoes
You can't really shrink your feet unless you something is going on like weight loss or some
It actually does work. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and my feet went from an 8 1/2 wide to 6 1/2 medium. It was actually fun having to replace all my clothes and shoes.
If you have "fat" feet, losing weight could help. One of my friends dropped 4 dress sizes and her feet shrunk about 2 or 3 sizes as well because she lost fat on them. If
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The main causes of the shrinking of one's feet are weight loss and diabetes. While to some people it may be advantageous, to others it is a sign of an underlying ...
Weight loss can change many parts of the body that carry fat cells. Fat cells do not disappear, but they do shrink. Feet contain fat cells and, therefore, can ...
Feet can shrink that is be shortened if you have neuropathic joints. There is damage to the nerves hence the bones crumble. This normally comes as a result of ...
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