Is there a Canadian $1,000 bill?


In Canada, the 1000-dollar bill is not as far fetched as it may sound. The printing of the $1000 pink-bill as a currency was done through 2000. At that time, it was withdrawn from use. It was withdrawn based on information from the Solicitor General, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, that the funds were commonly used for money laundering and, as such, were not necessary. As a result, anyone who has a $1000 bill is advised to return it to any financial institution or the Bank of Canada directly.
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The 1000 dollar bill is no longer in circulation. It does exist though! So who is on the 1000 dollar bill? President Grover Cleveland! James Madison appears on the 5000 dollar bill.
1. Tilt the stripe to see maple leaves and numbers. Hold the note face-forward. Tilt it while watching the metallic stripe on the left hand side. Maple leaves will be visible and
There are three for sale on eBay at this moment, and they are priced at $2500 - $3000. All three are in Choice Uncirculated condition. A circulated note would be worth less. Here
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Canada no longer uses a dollar bill, as the Royal Canadian Mint now issues coins in its place. The coins entered circulation in 1987 and feature a portrait of ...
A 1000 dollar bill looks like Grover Cleveland, the 22nd and 24th President of the United States on the front. He is the only President who did not serve two consecutive ...
With the current exchange rate being about equal, a Canadian two dollar bill is worth about two United States Dollars. We do not use as many two dollar bills ...
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