Canadian Cordillera Region?


The Canadian Cordillera region is in the western part of Canada. The climate varies with the summers being hot, rainy and breezy and the winters being dry and cold.
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A cordillera is an extensive chain of mountains or mountain ranges, especially the principal mountain system of a continent or large island. It comes from the Spanish word cordilla,
Canadian Cordillera is composed of three zones: Western
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Canada's six physical regions are; The Great Canadian Shield, The North, The plains, the Atlantic Region, the Cordillera and the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Region. ...
Interesting facts about the Cordillera Region include the fact that it covers a vast part of the west coast of Canada. The provinces located in this area are British ...
The 7 landform regions in Canada include the Cordillera, and the Artic and subartic. Find out more details here: . ...
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