How to Fix Errors on a Canadian Passport Application?


To fix an error on a Canadian Passport application, you should follow the instructions on the paperwork that advised you of your mistake. There are specific ways to fix the errors that are supplied by the Canadian government. Each error they find is returned to you with the correct way to fix it. Passport Canada has a 'commonly made errors' pamphlet available for review.
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1. You may complete the Canadian passport application either by hand or electronically using a fillable PDF, which then can be printed for submission. If you make an error on the
Resources for a Canadian passport can be found at the Canadian government's official passport website or at a Canadian authorized service location. No one else can authorize your
1. Make sure renewal is applicable. Canadians adults who are at least 16 years old with a current passport will be able to renew their passport rather than reapply. If a passport
Surprisingly, a Canadian passport would save you money when traveling to some countries in South America. Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile don't charge much for visas, but they
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