Cancel AOL Email Account?


For those who have an AOL email account and wish to close it, this is possible to do online. This type of email account is free to use. However, once it is canceled through the site, it is not possible to reactive it or to access any information on the site. To cancel, sign in to the account. Then, go to the subscription page, which is linked to from the main page. Review the confirmation and select the cancel AOL link. You will then need to confirm your action and the account is canceled.
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1. Log on to the billing website for AOL. To identify yourself as the account holder, enter your username and password. You will then be prompted to enter your personal security question
From your AOL mail, send a change of address to everyone who you want to have your new addy, then never go to your AOL mail, just let it wither. In 6 months it will be gone (actually
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1 Open your AOL email account. Ad 2 Click "Address Book". 3 Click "Add Contact" 4 Create a contact listing for the sender by adding their email address. Ad
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How to Cancel a Free AOL Email Account
It’s very simple to sign up for a free AOL email account. However, canceling that free account takes a bit of time and patience. Make sure you save any necessary content in your account before deleting the entire email address. After deleting your... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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