Cancel Craigslist Account?


Those that sign up for a free Craigslist account may wish to cancel it at some point. For those who wish to do so, this can be a challenge. The site does not provide a specific method for canceling the account. However, you can log into your account, navigate to the settings page, and change your subscriptions and notifications. This allows you to delete posts, change account settings, change forum handles, and to handle any type of postings you have on the site. Since these are free accounts, you can simply change the setting instead.
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1. Open your Web browser. 2. Navigate to the Craigslist homepage. 3. Click "My account.". 4. Type your email address and password in the appropriate boxes. Click "Log
1 Visit the Craigslist website at www. Ad 2 Click directly on the link for your country or city to proceed to the correct account sign-up screen. In the
I was cheesed cause i just made the account and had to many problems so I wanted to cancel it and didn't see the option so I Reset Password into something stupid then Changed my email
One can create multiple accounts on Craigslist by making more than one email. Once you do that you can use the same address (if needed) Then you can just explore.
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How to Cancel an Account on Craigslist
Craigslist is a popular online classified ad site where users can post items wanted or for sale at no cost. It is free to create a Craigslist account and to post ads. If you no longer want to use Craigslist, you might want to cancel your account.... More »
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