How Do I Cancel Ticketmaster Tickets?


Ticketmaster offer its online customers a 72-hour window to cancel any ticket bought online. Tickets that are issued and then returned for refunds are not accepted.
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Boy, good luck with that!! You can TRY contacting them, but my experience has been that they don't give refunds unless the concert or event has been postponed or canceled, and even
Unfortunately, Ticketmaster has a no refund policy unless the event is postponed/cancelled. Source(s) TM FAQ:….
1. Turn your Ticketmaster ticket around so that you can see the back. The "Ticketmaster" logo on the back of the ticket should be facing towards you and should be legible.
The convenience charge is the negotiated fee between the artist, venue, and Ticketmaster. What most don't realize is a lot of the convenience fee goes back to the artist. It also
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In order to cancel your Ticketmaster ticket, you need to notify them in advance. Otherwise, you will not be able to cancel the tickets. They will usually give ...
Ticketmaster does not allow cancellations of tickets once the purchase has been confirmed. Their purchase policy states that refunds or exchanges will not be issued ...
When purchasing the Ticketmaster tickets, you need to observe some of the terms and conditions that are outlined. For example, if you wish to cancel the tickets, ...
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