How compatible are an Aries woman and a Cancer man?


Both Aries and Cancers have very strong personalities, so potential partners should be careful as their compatibility might require some extra effort. An Aries woman may be inclined to pursue more aggressively, while a Cancer man may fall back on nurturing behavior.

Cancers are more sensitive to emotions than Aries people, so if an Aries woman comes on too strongly, it may scare a Cancer man off. But on the other hand, if the Aries woman does not outwardly display her attraction strongly enough, it may hurt the feelings of a sensitive Cancer man, and he may retreat to preserve his emotional safety.

Cancers are sometimes very sensitive and may be extremely vulnerable to rejection, which can cause the water sign to approach relationships slowly in order to protect himself. Since he is in touch with his emotions, he is quick to express affection once he feels comfortable. Aries women exude confidence and passion, which is typical for fire signs. She may be quick to act on her desires and is likely to look for a partner who is capable of matching her emotional intensity. Since Aries women may be drawn to more traditionally masculine behaviors, the sensitivity of a Cancer man may be a comfortable balance between male and female energies.

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