Candlepower Conversion to Lumens?


A person can convert Lumens to candlepower by first determining the rating. The lumen rating needs to be divided by 12.57. Candlepower conversion to Lumens also requires writing the calculations down.
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1. Determine the lumens rating of the lamp or flashlight. The lumens rating may be written on the box it came in or in the included instructions, or it may be printed on the lamp
The term candle power is most commonly used when describing spotlights. Candlepower is the measure of radiance produced by the light at its source . As the name suggests it is a
100 lumens=1257 candlepower from what I have found.
A lumen is measured at the object being lit up, whereas as candlepower, or CANDELA is
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One candlepower is equal to 12.5 lumens, the standard way of measuring ...
Lumens is a measurement of the light that illuminates an area. It is based on the illumination of a 1 square foot area one foot away from one candle. Candlepower ...
A lumen is a unit of measurement of light. It measures the amount of light that gets to what or where you want to light. Candlepower measures the amount of light ...
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