How can you make a candy bar poem?


Candy bar poems are usually made as gifts to friends and family members. There are a number of different ways to make a poem with real candy bars. Some add the candy bars in the poems as actual words on a line. Others simply add candy bars on the border of the paper the poem is written on.
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1. Cut out the desired shape for card. Make it a single page or two-page card by folding your shape in half. Sketch out your poem lightly in pencil. Leave room for the pieces of candy
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The only part I remember is. The peppermint stick and the candy bar. Sat along in a big glass jar. "Let's see the world! they cried one day. So hand in hand they ran away.
Candy Bar Poem: One Payday, Mr. Goodbar wanted a Bit-a-Honey, So he
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