Candy Cane Poem?


If you are planning on passing out candy canes at the holidays, you may also want to attach a candy cane poem. There are specific poems available, most about the holiday, and some about the significance of the candy cane. It is very easy to pring out several of these poems, punch a tiny hole in them and attach them to th candy cane with some festive ribbon. This idea makes the gift of a candy can much more appealing and thoughtful.
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Legend has it that in 1670 the choirmaster of the Cologne Cathedral handed out sugar sticks among his younger singers to keep them quiet during the long Living Creche ceremony. It
1. Purchase a box of candy canes in shades that will compliment your color scheme. Red and white candy canes are the most common, but some specialty stores carry many other colors
1. Draw a peg. Leave one end empty. Ad. 2. Draw a curve on top. 3. Draw another curve under. Make sure it connects to the first line. 4. Draw a small curve that connects everything
Because they were made to resemble real canes, many of which have a curved handle at the top.
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According to legends, Candy canes originated from a Cologne Cathedral in Germany. The Candy canes sweets are a must during Christmas seasons. They are available ...
Candy bar poems are usually made as gifts to friends and family members. There are a number of different ways to make a poem with real candy bars. Some add the ...
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