Candy Gram Ideas?


Making your own candy grams is a nice way to let others know that you are thinking about them. You can let someone know you love them or wish someone good luck with a candy gram. While many candy gram ideas have the candy attached to a large poster board, another idea is to use smaller note cards. This way you can hide the candy gram in a lunch bag, a briefcase, or in the car. A candy gram is a nice surprise. Find types of candy whose name helps you say what you want. For example Now and Laters could help you tell someone that you will always love them, now and later.
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1. Select a bag of the recipient's favorite candy. If you're not certain what her favorite is, select one you know you've seen her have before or ask one of her other friends. 2.
Nothing says love like chocolates. Candy kisses come with special messages. M&M's
A candygram is a candy that is solid like a sucker.
well here is another idea. you could cut out hearts and attach the piece of candy to it and on the back o=have a little tiny card that says happy valentines day then the person sending
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Ideas for Candy Grams
Whether you're looking for fundraiser ideas or a special way to send a message to a friend, neighbor, relative or co-worker, candy grams are simple and inexpensive ways to do both. Buy your candy in bulk amounts to keep costs low when raising funds and... More »
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