What are some candygram sayings?


There are an almost endless supply of candy gram sayings. You are limited only by your imagination. It is a good idea to do some research on the different types of candy. There are many that you may have forgotten, or never heard of to begin with. Doing research will allow you to come up with even more names to use in your candy gram. Choose a few that you can use to get your thoughts across. Now and Laters, Dove, and Bit O Honey are good candies to start with when you are making a love candy gram.
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1. Select a bag of the recipient's favorite candy. If you're not certain what her favorite is, select one you know you've seen her have before or ask one of her other friends. 2.
The best thing to say in a candy gram would be something like "You
A candygram is a candy that is solid like a sucker.
candy grams are kind of like papers that u buy for $0.50 at lunch at the cafeteria and send them to friends. when yr friends receive them it will come with a candy ask the S.A.C for
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