Candy That Starts with O?


There is candy that starts with every letter of the alphabet. Some letters are more popular than others of course. O is not one of the most popular letters but you can still find candy that begin with the letter O. Some example are; Orange Slices, Oh Henry, Orange Heads, Orbit Gum and Ozarks. Opal Fruitis is no longer the name of a candy, but it was at one time. Opal Fruits is the original name given to Starburst.
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To start a candy store, the first thing you'll need is a great location. There is a lot of competition out there that sells candy, so make sure your place will draw a lot of attention
Candies and candy bars that start with the letter 'O' include Oh Henry, Orange
1. Contact your local health department about the food regulations and permits for your city. Food that is sold to the public must be made in a licensed kitchen. You may be able to
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