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The Candyland characters names were the gingerbread people, the kids, Mr. Mint, Grandma Nutt, King Kandy, Jolly, Plumpy the Plumpa Troll, Princess Lolly, Lord Licorice, Queen Frostine, and Gloppy the Molasses Monster. When the game was originally created, it had no characters. Today, Mr. Mint is called Duke of Swirl, Plumpy is Mama Ginger Tree, and Queen Frostine is Princess Frostine.
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According to WikiPedia: The Kids. The Gingerbread People. Mr. Mint. Duke of Swirl. Gramma Nutt (renamed 'Gramma Gooey' after 2010 edition) King Kandy. Jolly (taken out of the 2010
The Kids The Gingerbread People Mr. Mint Gramma Nutt King Kandy Jolly Plumpy
King Kandy, Gloppy, Queen Frostine, Jolly, Gramma Nutt, Lord Licorice, Plumpy, Princess Lolly, and Mr. Mint.
Hey! Thanks for answering anyway! Yeah, this guy made you lose a turn if you landed on a spot. I remember increased stress levels when rounding this bend.
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There are two sets of names for the Candyland characters. The original set of names for the characters are the gingerbread people, the kids, Mr. Mint, Gramma Nut ...
There are several characters in the Candy Land game. The characters names are the children, the gingerbread people, Plumpy, Gingerbread Tree, Mr. Mint, Lord Licorice ...
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