How do you reset a Canon copier code?


In order to reset a Cannon copier error code you will need to press the additional functions button on the copier. You will now need to press the 2 and 8 keys together at the same time and release them fast. Now you need to press the additional function button again and then press the copier button.
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1. Open the paper counter on the front of the copier and clear the paper jam inside the machine to clear the E030 code, which signifies that there is a problem with the paper feeder
E214 on a NP6560 is for the scanner cooling fan part number is FH6-1139-000.
just check the fixing film if it is torn replace it with new one. no need to reset it just replace it and it will automatically reset. take a look at the end of the film be sure you
Hehe, it means the waste toner bottle is full. :-) The bottle is usually hidden behind the front cover, which may be held closed with screws. If you can get the cover open, the bottle
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