How to Install Paper in a Canon MP250.?


1. Open the paper support latch on the back of the printer, pull the latch up and allow it to tilt backward. 2. Slide the paper guides apart until they touch the sides of the paper feeding slot. The paper guides are located at the base of the paper
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Dear nedaa, You need to deactivate ink level detection function to keep your printer working after refilling the cartridge. Click here to know more how to deactivate ink level detection
1.Press the Power button to turn off the product. 2.Disconnect the power cord from the rear of the product. 3.Unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. 4.Wait 30 seconds.
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1. Pull down the paper output tray, which is attached to the bottom edge of the printer's front panel. Examine the left side panel of the printer, and find the ...
a que se debe el erro P01, por favor que debo hacer para solucionar este problema. ...
To change the ink cartridge on a Canon MP250 you will first need to turn on the printer. When the ink stops moving in the center position you can than flip open ...
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