How do you clean the Canon Pixma IP1000 printer's waste ink absorber?


To clean the Canon Pixma ip1000 waste ink absorber first unplug the printer from the power supply. You may find the waste ink absorber pad at the lower right part of the printer. Unscrew the pads and then soak it in water for a couple of hours. Let it dry, screw the waste absorber pad again and then turn on the printer
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1. Open the top of the Canon Pixma ip1000 and look inside. 2. Locate the waste ink absorber pads. These are at the bottom right inside your printer. 3. Put on the gloves. Now remove
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Canons generally have four screws that hold the entire printer mechanism on the plastic base. Some models do have a power supply module that slides out of the rear of the case, remove
1) Enter SERVICE MODE By pressing Menu-Scan-Copy-Scan 2) Enter NVRAM by presing <--- or ---> then OK 3)SET ABS-M LEVEL TO 0 4)OK or 1 press menu 2 PRESS scan copy scan to enter
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