Canvas Waterproofing Products?


Canvas waterproofing products come in both spray on and paint on varieties. To use the spray on type you simply spray and even layer of waterproofing over the entire canvas. Allow the spray to thoroughly dry. To use the paint on type, use a brush to apply an even coating. Again let it dry completely. To see if the waterproofing has worked, splash some water on the canvas, it should bead up and roll off. If this does not happen, use paper towel to dry it and apply more waterproofing.
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1. Rinse the canvas regularly with your hose. Do this on a warm, sunny day when possible, as this allows the water to air dry quickly. 2. Mix a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar
I don't think you can't make canvas totally waterproof. However, an aqueous coating may be applied to a painting or giclee canvas prints to protect it from smudges, dirt and fading.
Get ScotchGuard fabric protector. It sprays on and I use it every year to renew my cover. It does a great job. You can get it at the grocery store.
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