Cape Cod Bracelet?


The original Cape Cod bracelet is the single ball design. The original is still the most worn style. Since the original more styles have been introduced. There are now double, triple and four ball designs. The traditional Cape Cod bracelet is a closed circle. A cuff design is also made, this is not a closed circle, it remains open in a cuff style. Bracelets are also made in a twist and rope design. Balls come in both silver and gold.
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The Cape Cod bracelet is a single wire in either silver or gold held
Cape Cod is located in the state of Massachusetts. For a great source of information, visit, before planning your next
1. Drive around the Cape in the off season if possible. See the different towns and look for homes in the towns you like best. Houses with handwritten rental signs mean you won't
Cape Cod doesn't have a capitol.
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The Cape Cod Bracelet is also called the Cape Cod Screwball Bracelet and the Dennis Bracelet. There are several theories about why this bracelet is so popular. ...
The Cape Cod bracelet is a metal bracelet, simple in design, that closes with a screwball clasp. It was originally may by John Carey, owner of Eden Hand Arts. ...
Named in 1602 by british expedition that found an abundance of cod fish and therefore named it cape cod. ...
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