How Strong Is the Attraction for a Capricorn Man and Cancer Woman?


Zodiac signs are a great way to find out things about the opposite sex. If you are a capricorn man and seeing a cancer woman, you may be wondering how strong your attraction will be. Never fear, the attraction between a capricorn man and a cancer woman is actually very strong.
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(1) Nothing is fixed at all sign to sign, and (2) these are just the Sun signs. 1. Astrologically, the strength of attraction is strongly influenced by several factors, including
A Capricorn man is ambitious, patient and romantic. When he knows what he wants, he has no problems taking the proper steps to get her. He’s very strategic, almost scientific
Capricorns tend to suppress their emotions a lot. You are opposites so you are meant to get on really well astrologically. You can balance each other out. His lack of emotion could
As per astrology, Sagittarius are not best
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Cancer & Capricorn
When Cancer and Capricorn make a love match, it's a celestial pairing of great tenacity and determination. Capricorn, the Sea Goat, is focused on logic, on being down-to-earth and real; Cancer brings... More »
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