Car Blowing Blue Smoke?


Usually, if a car is blowing blue smoke this is an indication of bad rings. The rings can be replaced and the car will be smoke free.
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Answer A car blows blue smoke usually when it is burning oil most of the time it is a burnt valve. Which requires pulling the head and machining it followed by reseeding the valve
The use of an incorrect oil for the engine can be the reason for the appearance of blue smoke from the exhaust. An oil that is too thin slips past the piston rings and winds up in
Blue smoke is caused by engine
The smoke you're describing means there is oil being burned. It shows there is a problem or maybe just wear in the top end. You could diagnose it further by asking your mechanic to
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If your car is blowing white smoke, it is probably burning oil. If there was oil spilled on the engine during a recent oil change or when you added oil to the ...
If you are noticing blue smoke on start up of your car you probably have a small oil leak. The oil will leak around bad valve seals or bad rings. The oil burns ...
If your car is leaking gas and you let fire get to it then the car will blow it. That is so scary which is why smoking at a gas station is very dangerous. ...
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