Car Engine Shuts off While Driving?


If a car engine shuts off while driving, this signifies a pretty serious problem. This might be from the engine not working properly, the car being out of oil, the car being out of gas, the fuel line being damaged, having water in the fuel filter, and much more. More often than not, a car engine that shuts off while a person is driving will have to be addressed by a professional mechanic. This is not something that is typically an easy fix.
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The mass air sensor sometimes would cause this problem.
A Hyundai's engine is compoised of various mechanical parts, sensors and other electronic parts. Any one of these parts could make a Hyundai engine shut off or stall. To understand
there's about 30 things that will cause that,any lack of fuel or ignition will cause that too happen,you may have to get this one scanned to see if it will give any trouble codes,
To fix an automatic
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