Why Does My Car Heater Blow Cold Air?


The reason your car heater is blowing cold air could be caused by a few different issues. It could be your thermostat is stuck and cannot let the heater know you want to turn up the temperature.  It could also be your coolant level is low, the heater core is clogged, or fluids that are needed to create heat, to circulate.
Q&A Related to "Why Does My Car Heater Blow Cold Air"
First check the water level. If the water level is low or very low, you may have air in the radiator. If you have a small leak, you will have enough water to cool the engine but not
See if you have coolant in the radiator, this is what goes through your heater and makes it blow hot. Does the temp gage go up? Feel the hoses going to your heater and see if they
It sounds like your heater valve may be sticking. Try
Could either be that your blower motor went bad, your resister valve is not working (if it only works on "high", then this is most likely the problem), or your switch that
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