Car Rental under 21?


A good majority of car companies do not offer car rentals to people under the age of 21, this is for liability reasons. However, there are companies that will go out on a limb and offer their car rentals to those that are not yet 21. There are some strict reqiurements that must be met in order to do this, and there are requirements regarding insurance, driving limits, and time frame allowed to rent the vehicle.
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1. * Avoid the large car rental companies * Large national car rental companies have strict policies regarding under 25 car rental and especially strict policies of car rental for
the best way to rent a car for someone under 21 is to have someone over 21 rent it and have them pick it up so they dont know whos driving it. just make sure you do it all right eather
E-Z Rent a Car is the only national rent a car company offering college age car rentals to drivers ages 18 to 21.
Most states have the policy of only renting to those
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Most car rental places will not rent a car to someone under the age of 21. A 20 year old will need a cosigner for the car. ...
Each rental car company sets its own minimum age requirement, but 21 years old is common for renting a car in Texas and other states. Drivers who are under 25 ...
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