Car Shake While Idling?


If a car shakes while it is idling, this might be due to a problem with the engine. It may not be mounted properly. There may also be a problem with the timing of the engine, or even a fluid problem. No matter what, this should be looked at by a mechanic. If left ignored, it could lead to further problems with the car, even the car not working at all anymore. A bad motor mount is a common problem in most cases.
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miss alignment of tires.
You may have a worn engine mount stabilizer. When worn, they can
During normal idling, the car’s onboard computer alters the air-to-fuel mixture to keep the engine running at low speed. An idle air control motor enables this process by regulating
Lots of potential causes for that and the best way to handle this is to get your car to the nearest auto parts store and ask them to pull your computer codes. This will give you a
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