Car Shudders When Accelerating?


A car that shudders when accelerating, points to a problem with the ignition coil. A broken motor mount can cause this as well. The motor is held up with mounts. As the car speeds up, everything in the engine starts working harder, and faster. With the faster movements of the engine, the engine will shake if it is not properly held up by the motor mounts. A mechanic, or someone that knows a lot about cars could figure this out.
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I have not had experience with fuel injected vehicles, assuming yours is, but I have experienced such a thing on many occasions with carburated vehicles. On such, plugged jets in
When car wheels are out of alignment, they can cause the vehicle to shudder. To align the wheels, adjust them so they are perpendicular to the ground and equidistant to each other
hard to say. transmission could be an issue. clutch if you have a stick. fuel injection issue. fuel injection clog. would be easir if you said what services were performed. take it
Check the transmission fluid level and condition, if the fluid is low it
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A car may shudder during acceleration if it is not shifting gears properly. It could be a transmission problem. You should have it checked by a mechanic to find ...
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There could be a few reasons why a car makes a rattling noise when accelerating. It could be from gas that is graded too low, carbon deposits in the cylinder, ...
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