Car Stalls When Brakes Are Applied?


If a car stalls when brakes are applied, chances are there is a problem with the booster tube. This can sometimes be removed, but makes the brakes harder to depress. It is best to visit a mechanic and get this problem solved before it could become more serious.
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Answer If you have vacuum activated power brakes (big diaphragm) and you have a leak, this will cause 2 different symptoms. Some cars will notice a raise in the idle, and some cars
You car could be stalling when you brake because the idle speed control motor is bad. If replacing that doesn't work, you might have a bad fuel pump. You can find more information
The brake system is composed of the disk brakes in the front end and/or rear of the vehicle that connects to a system of tubes and hoses. This system works through the master cylinder
if the car has an automatic transmission, then the torque converter allows the engine to keep running by decoupling itself from the engine. how does it do this? simple, the torque
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