How to Hook up an Equalizer in a Car Stereo?


How to hook up an equalizer in a car stereo can vary greatly. It would depend on the make and model of car stereo, as well as the equalizer.
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1. Disconnect the negative battery cable (or grounding cable) from the battery. The grounding cable is the black cable that connects the battery to the frame or chassis of the vehicle
To install a new stereo system you have to get the new wire harness for your vehicle (can be found at any local walmart of car audio stores) The main thing is your instructions and
Not to the outputs. A band-pass equalizer works on input signals. To put it simply: if your stereo is the source of the sound, you would have to open the stereo up with schematics
Although car stereo systems enthusiasts often focus on having the best possible speakers and amplifiers, you should never underestimate the importance of installing a head unit that
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