Car Trouble Diagnostics?


When a car starts to have trouble and complications beyond what the average Joe or Jane can fix, it may help to have the local mechanic take a look at your vehicle. A body shop or mechanic will likely have equipment in their shop that runs car diagnostics. These are special types of tests that tell the mechanic special kinds of information about what may be wrong with your car. Mechanics charge anywhere between $45 and up per hour to take a look at your car and run diagnostics.
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1. Place your key into the Cadillac's ignition but do not sit in the driver's seat. Leave the key unturned. Leave your scanner's user manual in the driver's seat. 2. Find the data-link-connection
The OBD port, typically OBDII" is simply a data port located under the steering column, to which you can attach a diagnostics device or a laptop computer. The port looks like
1. Start with the key out of the ignition, all doors, the liftgate, the liftgate glass, and the hood closed. 2. Put the key into the ignition. Turn the key 3-4 times from OFF to ON
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The diagnostic code P0420 is officially titled: Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1). This means there is trouble in the car's emissions system. ...
1. Place the Town Car's transmission into park, turn off the engine and apply the parking brake. 2. Connect a scan tool to the Town Car's diagnostic data port, ...
Trouble code P0098 means: Intake Air Temperature Sensor 2 Circuit High Input ...
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