How to Eliminate Fog from a Car Window?


You should turn on the defrost in your car back and front. You should let the warm air circulate in the car so that they windows can began to lose the fogginess from it. Let the car run for a bit before you drive off.
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1. Allow the car to warm up. This may sound peculiar, especially in the summer, but if you're running A/C, then the compressor needs to thoroughly cool the interior of the vehicle
Either you have the air vents set to "recirculate" which means you are running the same air around the vehicle without drawing any fresh air from the outside, or your heater
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Car windows fog up when water condenses on them. This can happen both on the inside
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A person can stop car windows from fogging by utilizing window cleaner. Baby shampoo also prevents windows from fogging. ...
Car windows fog up because of the humidity difference between the outside air and the inside air of the car. In the winter, we usually put on the heater to make ...
1. Spray window cleaner on the glass. Then wipe the surfaces clean with cloths. According to, dirty car windows fog up more easily than clean ones ...
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