How was ice cream invented?


Ice cream was invented way back in the 4th century B.C. when Roman emperor Nero ate ice together with fruit toppings. The creation of ice with milk came from China. Once the delightful dessert came to the U.S. several famous Americans had served it;
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1. Start with your favorite ice cream recipe. This will involve using heavy cream, milk and sugar. Add pureed strawberries and lemon juice if desired. 2. Boil one cup of heavy cream
You can use ice cream sticks as the base to create stick figures such as snowmen, nutcrackers or angels. To create a snowman, paint the ice cream stick white and use magic markers
1. Pour the milk, sugar and vanilla into the pint-size resealable bag. Seal the bag completely and mix the ingredients around. 2. Add enough ice to the gallon-size bag to fill it
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Is a frozen dessert made from dairy products. There's a lot of different brands and flavors of ice cream out there, they are all good but sometimes I just want ...
Ice cream novelties are ice cream brands that are new, striking and very unusual. These brands include: Twix ice cream, Nestle ice cream, Reese Peanut butter ice ...
I can't find a collective noun for ice creams, but I might suggest a case of ice creams, a freezer of ice creams, a selection of ice creams, or a rainbow of ice ...
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