How to study carcinogenic compounds?


1. Learn what carcinogenic compounds are defined as. Carcinogenic compounds are by definition chemical compounds that are able to trigger cancer in humans and animals by way of altering the chemical structure of the DNA molecule. Due to the advent of
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The most carcinogenic compound that I know of is dioxin.
Carcinogenic compounds are throughout the
The use of the Ames test is based on the assumption that any substance that is mutagenic for the bacteria used in his test may also turn out to be a carcinogen; that is, to cause
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A carcinogen is any substance in the environment that can cause cancer in living tissue. They include industrial compounds found in food additives, pesticides, ...
Dimethylnitrosamine is a yellow, water-soluble carcinogenic liquid compound found in tobacco smoke and certain foods. Dimethylnitrosamine appears to have a strong ...
Benzol is a colourless liquid that has a characteristic odour. It is a simple and classic example of an aromatic compound. It is a carcinogen thus is considered ...
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