How to Make a Model Boat out of Cardboard?


A cardboard boat model is an object presentation of a boat. How to make a cardboard boat model; you need to have two pieces of cardboard measuring 8 by 4 inches. Cut along the edges of the cardboards to make a bow of the boat. Use nails or glue to join your two pieces.
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1. Cut out two cardboard rectangles 8 inches long and 4 ½ inches side. Lay the first cardboard rectangle on a flat surface with the short end facing you. Measure in 1 inch
To make a model boat you have to go and buy the box set for model boats. When you have the set just follow the instruction given at the time of purchase.
1. Get a breakfast cereal box. Ad. 2. Cut it up. 3. Make a sketch of what each side of the trailer will look like. 4. Using a pencil, draw the outline shape on one of the sides of
You can brace the aides of the baot apart with your legs, but make sure you reinforce the bottom too - otherwise it'll rise up between them and without any displacement you'll sink
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