How to Make a Cardboard Box Car Project for School?


There are various methods for creating a cardboard box car for a school project. Visit your local library or possibly a craft store for supplies and ideas. You can also search the internet for examples, tutorials and references.
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1. Cut three of the four flaps off of the top of the box. Remove the two side flaps (longer flaps) and the front flap. Cut two doors into both sides of the box (the longer sides of
In order to build a house using cardboard, you must obtain a certain type of glue that works well with the other substance you are using, then lay down four solid walls to support
A great place to purchase old school project cars is
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A shoe box or other small cardboard box makes a great start for a miniature house. Draw your choice of exterior finish, whether it's vinyl siding, bricks or cabin ...
1. Lay 14 sugar cubes in a straight row, close enough to be touching, on one sheet of cardboard. The cubes should form a wall. Mark both ends of the row with a ...
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