Cardio before or after Weight Training?


There are many people that like to do both cardio training along with their weight training. Cardio training is always a good thing to do. There are many different fitness trainers that think it is better to do cardio training after you have done your weight training, not before you have done your weight training. One reason they say this is because that you will have an increased level of energy after lifting the weights.
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although nothing is set in stone as every guy reacts to stimulus in different ways - i have always found that performing cardio on an empty stomach has ALWAYS burnt fat off extremely
1 Strength training is the most beneficial methods of fat loss. By building muscle, you are in turn increasing your metabolism and helping your body to burn even more calories. Also
Weight Training after a cardio workout is good because the cardio
Depends on the person and their condition. Within three monthes of consistant work including a good nutritional plan, you'll see results. The key is to commit to it for life.
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Once you start a cardio and weight training how long should it be before you notice a loss of inches and weight, that will come as soon as two weeks. It'll start ...
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The answer to your question of Is it true that if you do cardio after you do weights its bad is no it's false, many people do cardio before weights, they just ...
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