Cardio Glide Machine?


The Cardio Glide machine is a machine, which assists someone to work their core and relax of the body despite of how quick or slow they decide to go. To use the Cardio Glide machine, start by putting your machine into the push mode. Then, put the feet on its pedals so that they may array with the face of its pedal. Afterwards, set your machine into the pull mode and line the feet on its pedals. Lastly, draw its handlebar back to the body and shove out on the pedals using your feet.
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How to Use the Cardio Glide Machine
The Weslo Cardio Glide machine, which was manufactured by Icon Health and Fitness, is a machine that helps the user work her core as well as the rest of the body, no matter how fast or slow she chooses to go. The movements also allow for a low-impact... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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