What does "cardiomediastinal" mean?


Cardiomediastinal is a medical term most used in the doctors dictation of a radiological procedure. It refers to the area around the heart and is most commonly referred to as cardiomediastinal silhouette. If the radiologist refers to this area as unremarkable, they are saying everything is with in normal limits. The silhouette describes the area around the heart. The radiologist can read the sharpness, shape, size, and density of the silhouette to determine the underlying cause and help evaluate patient health.
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the lining sac for the heart is within normal limits.
The origin of a pericardial defect can be congenital, posttraumatic, or postoperative. Congenital defects may be complete or partial, involving the entire pericardium or predominantly
it means that you need to keep your follow up appointment to discuss the results & possible diagnosis.
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