Care for Mass Cane Plant?


To take care of your Mass Cane plant, place your massangeana cane in indirect, bright sunlight for optimum growth. Mass canes will tolerate low light, but they will grow very slowly. In hot weather or low humidity, mist the plant daily. Dust the leaves with water and a soft cloth as needed and water with distilled water. Water no more than once a week since over-watering can cause the plant's roots to rot. Carry out regular trimming and also feed your mass cane with a commercial plant food about once a month in warm weather. Finally, spray to eliminate insects and diseases.
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1. Place the mass cane plant with bugs on its leaves in a separate room with no other plants, to keep the insects from spreading. Grow the mass cane plant in an east-facing window
A mass cane prefers medium to low indirect light, fertilize it once a month with Miracle gro or peters plant food. This plant does not like extra water, let the plant dry slightly
This plant does well when kept on the dry side. Do not keep it in
Cane plants are also known as Massangeana cane, Fragrans cane, Dracaena cane or Arundinaria gigantean (giant cane) The Fragrans cane is variegated with yellow stripes. Fragrans occasionally
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A mass cane plant is also known as dracaena and corn plant. It is used for indoor decorations in homes and offices and at functions. A mass cane is easy to maintain ...
If you want to grow a mass cane plant, it is simple. mix together potting soil with some sand. When it is replanted into the new sand, water it right away and ...
1. Purchase a mass cane plant. This can be done by going to a store such as Home Depot, or by going online and ordering one from a plant nursery. 2. Find a suitable ...
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