How to Care for an Outdoor Potted Areca Palm Tree?


In order to care for a potted palm tree, you must recognize the preferences of the specific type of palm tree. You will need to fertilize the potted palm tree and provide it with plenty of water. Palm trees thrive in humid weather so it is best to keep your potted palm tree in a warmer climate.
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1. Grow the areca palm in a pot at least twice as big as its root ball. Fill the container with quality growing mix specifically designed for palms. Alternatively, use a fertile,
This palm adapts to a wide range of temperatures from 15
I found this answer on another site, posted by a horteculturist. Although the grower chose to braid the trunks of this Azalea shrub, it is still an Azalea and has the same care requirements
The Areca palm plant, which is actually a tree and is known by its scientific name, Chrysalidocarpus lutescen, is a fabulous green option to have indoors whether in your home or in
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Caring for your outdoor plants can be tricky. The best way to care for your outdoor potted areca palm tree is to allow it to have plenty of sunlight and plenty ...
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