Careers Using Logarithms?


Logarithms are used in quite a number of professions such as medicine, actuarial science and archaeology. Financiers, computer programmers and physicists are also some of the people who use logarithms in their profession. However, the Richter scale is perhaps the widest known use of logarithms.
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There are many uses for logarithms. The main reason that logarithms are used are to simplify calculations. Logarithms are also used for computations and scales.
Archaeologists- use logarithms to determine how old a fossil or artifact is.
1. Make a table with three columns on a piece of paper. Title the first column as x, the second as y and the third one as log(y) 2. Write down your values of x and y in the respective
pH is the inverse logarithm of the hydrogen ion concentration in solution. pH = 1/log[H⁺¹] pH is used in many fields. You can also look up the concept of a radioactive
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Logarithms are used in many careers. They are used by computer programmers, engineers, medical researchers, and archaeologists. Some other careers that use logarithms ...
Many different careers employ the use of logarithms. Logarithms are especially helpful for those in careers that use math, including: statastician, metreologists ...
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